App design

From app design, user interface, user experience to fashion: unique design courses to take online

Design is not just about fashion and aesthetics, but also strategy and innovation. If you are planning to pursue something useful and unique at home, check out a few online courses that will help you learn more about design. Fashion as design: This course is offered by MoMA and is available at Coursera. In this […]

Web design

Learn Web Design Using Adobe XD

A designer never stops learning new programs, tools and techniques. Whether you want to start your creative career or deepen your design specialization, the Ultimate UX / UI Designer Bundle is a great way to sharpen your web design expertise and build responsive, user-friendly websites. Better yet, its price has currently dropped to just $ […]

Web design

Web Design Jobs

If you’re looking for the perfect marriage of your creativity and problem-solving affinity, a career in web design might be the answer. Knowing how to build a user-side website, as well as knowing how the back-end is programmed, can make you a valuable asset in a stand-alone marketing agency, in the development department of a […]