App design

This college student didn’t like the design of their mobile app, so he made his own

Have you ever come across an app and just want its user interface to look better? Design is a complex process that involves taking user experience into account while ensuring that every element and feature is in the right place. When the design lags, the overall software experience deteriorates and that’s unpleasant to say the […]

App design

Facebook revamps Messenger Kids app design to make interaction easier and more fun than before / Digital Information World

Facebook has announcement a new redesigned design for the Messenger Kids app. The new design is intended to make it easier for children to use the app, communicate with their friends and navigate better. They can even customize their chats now. According to Facebook, this new update is actually a test experiment that the company […]

Art design

The Black Reconstruction Collective works to dismantle systemic racism in art, design and academia

One hundred and ten years ago, WEB Du Bois published “Reconstruction and its benefits” in the American Historical Review. In the essay, Du Bois challenged the then prevailing narrative of the Dunning School that portrayed the Reconstruction era as an aberration of civic history that harmed the country. Instead, Du Bois argued, the era was […]

Web design

Can AI in Web Design Improve Customer Experience?

Illustration: © IoT for all Artificial intelligence (AI) and customer experience (CX) are both very popular in business today. While one promises the exponential possibility of growth and modernization, the other denotes the importance of customers in the growth of businesses. And one way or another, AI has proven to be very useful in CX […]