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Bring your creative visions to life with the advanced Editor X web design platform

Advanced design capabilities This advanced web design platform is specially designed for professional creatives who create sites for others. Offering a unique combination of accessible CSS, built-in business features, and built-in coding capabilities, Editor X lets you build and launch cutting-edge websites with transparent and responsive layouts and complete breakpoint control. . In short, it […]

Art design

14 artists, 14 designers will collaborate for the first art-design fair since containment

Chennai: Varsha Menon, the lead architect and designer of VM Design Works, which hosts the exhibition, told DT Next. “Collaborative shows like this have taken place in various parts of the world. But this concept is new to Chennai. I thought it would be nice to bring together the works of artists and designers. My […]

App design

The published literature on the design and clinical effectiveness of sleep health applications is sparse and unstandardized

There is a dearth of published literature regarding the design, implementation and evaluation of mobile applications for sleep disorders, as well as little guidance on standardized best practices adopted by application developers or reviewers. of sleep, according to a systematic review published yesterday in JMIR. The dearth of data available in this space is concerning […]

Art design

Turning the earth into art – Design and Living Magazine

To share Tweeter To share To share E-mail Photos by Josiah Kopp and provided by Annette Marchand The tactile nature of ceramics allows the artist to explore the relationship between the sculptural and the functional. Ceramic artist Annette Marchand thrives in the expressive yet controlled nature of ceramic art. Marchand is motivated to continually push […]

App design

Notable Differences in Website and App Design in 2021

The website and the mobile app are the two most important mediums which are used to convey information about the company or any kind of special offers. Designers who work on these two types of designs view them as two different things. The biggest misconception is that these two brackets are interchangeable and the difference […]

App design

Application design to IndigoDesign’s code system expands

Indigo.Design has announced the public preview of Indigo.Design App Builder. The new tool, created by software maker Infragistics, extends the design system to Indigo.Design code by providing designers and developers with a common cloud-based platform to create and iterate UI / UX designs in real time , while using the design tools. they prefer. Once […]