Credit, mutual health insurance, help for cat or dog

Loan for pet animals

Loan for pet animals

The animals also get sick. How to treat them when you have no money?

Protect your pet with mutual health?


  1. Health insurance for dogs or cats: the “mutual” of animals
  2. Pay the veterinarian several times
  3. “Dog credit” or “cat credit”, for veterinary fees
  4. Aids to treat your pet

In France, everyone has the right to free care. In case of big illness and poverty, the CMU exists to supplement the costs not covered by social security. But for animals, it does not really happen anymore. When a dog gets sick or hurts, the state is not there to help, public assistance is not made for him. Only the master of the dog, or the cat, must provide for his health care, he is solely responsible. Fortunately, there are solutions to take care of your pet, even if the money is lacking. We will first see what to do before the animal gets sick.

Here we explain that some mobile insurance is very expensive. Much more expensive than the mutual of your furry companion. Do you prefer to insure your phone or your cat?

These mutual health insurance for animals cover the essential: the disease or the accident. In case of death, some may even pay a small capital, which can be very useful when choosing what will happen to the body of the dead animal. Obviously, insurance that covers all veterinary expenses will be more expensive than insurance that covers only half of the expenses. To be reimbursed, in practice, just ask the veterinarian to fill the animal care sheet and send it, with his bill, to the mutual.

Liability insurance, for dogs or cats

Liability insurance, for dogs or cats

Often, health insurance can be accompanied by a ” liability insurance “. These insurances make it possible to reimburse a possible victim of a damage caused by his pet. The most classic case being the health costs following a bite of his dog. Here too, we will be happy to have taken out insurance. For certain “dangerous” dog breeds, liability insurance is mandatory. 

Namely: Some homeowners have, in their civil liability guarantees, a clause including animals. Before taking out a dedicated civil liability insurance for your pet, it is better to check your home insurance policy and check with your insurer to see if the animals are included in the liability insurance.

Health mutual quote for dog and cat

Health mutual quote for dog and cat

As with any insurance, you must ask for a quote to know how much it costs to have a mutual health for your dog. If the animal is old, the insurance will be more expensive than if it is a young dog full of life and vigor. Ensuring a dog is also more expensive in general than for a cat, less accident-prone, but it is also necessary to take into account the race, some being much more prone to diseases than others. We must read between the lines of the contract what is actually proposed. We must check the existence of a deductible, a waiting period, which is refunded.

Here, it is the small boils that one treats, not the big operations or the very serious diseases. Convenient for vaccinations, or to tattoo your pet. The SPA makes the care pay according to the income of the master, it is, when one is at the RSA, the first place where to address if one has the chance to have a dispensary nearby. In Belgium, it is the Prince Laurent Foundation that must be consulted, they offer free care in 4 dispensaries.

The foundation also offers dispensaries, and is reimbursed only the costs necessary to care. They are able to do most of the care, and even surgery. Their mission is precisely to provide care to animals whose masters can not (or no longer) bear the costs.

Another solution is the veterinary school. For example, that of Maison Alfort in the Paris region. Veterinary schools have a clinic, where all care is provided to animals, including heavy interventions. Even if they are students who intervene, they are supervised by their teachers. These schools are cheaper than conventional veterinary clinics. 

They receive many requests, it will be necessary to be patient, but for a heavy and long treatment, if one does not have the means, it is a good idea to address them.

The foundation ” veterinary for all ” allows the poor to look after their dogs or cats. For more information, please contact your local veterinarian, who can indicate the procedure to follow with this association, present in some regions of France. These are veterinarians who give their free time to look after the dogs and cats of the poor.

There is even an association that deals with the animals of the homeless, which, as its name suggests, makes efforts to ensure that the companions of the homeless have enough to eat too.

Who will take care of my dog ​​or cat if I die?

Who will take care of my dog ​​or cat if I die?

Nobody likes to think about death, but sometimes you have to know how to plan. In French law, pets are considered to be “movable property”, and are therefore equivalent to the living room couch or TV: the heirs of the deceased also inherit the dog or cat. If the deceased had no heirs, it is associations that will take charge, a refuge of the SPA for example. Even if it is not possible to inherit his pet, it is nevertheless possible to put on his will to whom the dog returns, and so choose the association where one would like his animal to finish his days.

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