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Extravagant 90s Web Design: Love it or Hate it?

Ah, the 90s. The decade saw the rise of Friends, MTV and of course the internet. These were the early days of the World Wide Web, so it’s safe to say that some websites were a bit, uh, amateurish. And while the sites may not have been an aesthetic dream, they are nostalgic to look back on today.

A user on Twitter asked his followers to share all of their favorite internet memories from the 90s – and they delivered. Thousands of people responded to the tweet with screenshots and links to “gnarly” sites. If you are hoping to design your own website, why not enroll in one of the best web design courses.

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A screenshot of the Geocities website

The sonic genre suits this retro look (Image credit: via @SamAburime on Twitter)

From busy chat rooms to cat videos, users have responded to the tweet with some of the weirdest corners of the internet from the 90s. Looking back at all those garish sites reminds us of the Websites page from hell, which is full of more questionable designs. Personally, I’d call these retro designs pretty ugly, but fellow Creative Bloq members love them and have described them as “outrageous (in a good way)” and “very cool” – maybe I’m too young for them. enjoy.

A screenshot of the Neopets website

Neopets was a virtual pet website for children (Image credit: via @SamAburime on Twitter)

We probably won’t design websites as extravagant as these these days, but we do feel quite nostalgic browsing through tweets. One user replied, “All I have to say is…bring MSN back,” and another said, “The annoying AOL loading sound is permanently etched into my brain.”

A screenshot from the Hampster Dance website

The Hampster Dance also appeared on the Geocities site (Image credit: via @SamAburime on Twitter)

This collection of nostalgic tweets brightened up our morning. If you’re designing your own website and hoping to avoid it looking like one of the sites of the 90s, we recommend checking out the web design trends of 2022. Once you’ve found the inspiration, be sure to you should check out our roundup of the best web design software.

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