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How Lorena Gaxiola created an international interior design company to inspire and empower a new generation of women

Internationally renowned interior designer Lorena Gaxiola firmly believes in one simple truth: without friction there can be no change.

And she’s endured more than her fair share of friction over what has turned out to be a very successful career.

Originally from Mexico, Lorena dreamed of following in her father’s footsteps and becoming an architect.

When he told her it wasn’t a career for a woman, she took a different path, moving to the United States to pursue another ambition: to become an interior designer.

At 24, she started her own business, working with Fortune 500 companies and building an international brand.

It has weathered recessions, launched products in China, and made a name for itself for its customer-centric design.

Yet all of this was not enough to guarantee that conquering the Australian market would be easy.

When Lorena brought her business to Australia in 2016, she discovered a very different landscape than she was used to, where it proved difficult to get a look-in as a boutique brand against the big names.

In this courageous conversation, Lorena shares her story, including how she overcame the major breast cancer setback soon after arriving in Australia, and why that wasn’t going to deter her from serving clients in Australia and the States. -United.

She also explains why she is committed to empowering women in a male-dominated industry and how she is working to shape a new generation of business leaders.

“This is it. I’m just going to devote the next 10 years completely to mentoring and training the next generation of creative women and giving them a place in a position where they can be recognized early in their careers. Lorena Gaxiola.

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Leanne and Lorena also discuss:

  • Why her father’s advice to keep his business light and light has always paid off
  • How she established a business point of difference to secure major clients in the United States and internationally
  • Why opportunities arise when you’re ready to take a chance and get started
  • How her Mexican education helped her break into the Chinese market
  • Why the Australian industry is so different from elsewhere in the world
  • How she found the confidence to start a young business, grow it quickly and restructure it when the need arises
  • Why she was in an ideal business position to thrive during COVID-19, serving customers in the United States, Asia and Australia.
  • How she intends to empower young women and mentor them into leadership positions with the aim of changing the dynamics of the creative industry

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