Interior design

Interior Design Trends 2022: Experts Share What There Is This Year

“As a textile fanatic and color maven, fabric redesign is where I think you have the most success. My son Otis added mohairs and velvets alongside his stylish linens at @otistetextiles. I worked in Scotland on colorful tartans, crumpled velvets and large patterned prints to celebrate 2022, the 25th year of my textile line. -Kathryn M. Ireland

Marloe Marloe Lucie glazed ceramic vase

Revival Ehlias hand-knotted shag rug

Double use rooms

“As we enter another year of COVID variants, our living spaces continue to serve as work rooms, which is the new normal. The kitchen continues as a conference room and The Farmhouse Table is the new boardroom table. -Kathryn M. Ireland

“The rooms will be designed for double service; that is to say the walls of the dining rooms lined with wine or book storage, the guest rooms equipped with desks, the rooms equipped with weight machines. As people spend more time in their homes, they expect the spaces to work more for them. -Timothée Corrigan

West partition Industry Cane

Plec Desk by Antoni Palleja Office de RS Barcelona

High tech homes

“Design continues to evolve with new technological advances. Myself and many designers are embracing virtual design by leveraging this powerful new technology to create immersive spaces and highly engaging designs that feel both contemporary and futuristic. -Kelly Wearstler

Dyson Purifier Humidifier + Cool Formaldehyde

3rd Generation Google Nest Learning Thermostat

Vintage and durable accents

“Anytime I can use vintage, I will. From a design perspective, vintage is the protagonist of every piece – it has the power to influence storytelling and direction. Their patina brings texture and warmth to the touch to each space, not to mention a sacred sentimentality. But aside from their decorative propensity, these rare antiques are elegantly durable. By reusing the old, the damaged, the shredded into something new, we reduce our footprint while bringing a rich sense of history and spirit to a space. -Athena Calderone

“We’re starting to see a lot of shiny new options for durable fabrics and materials. I think this should now be a priority for all designers. -Marcus Barwell, Managing Director of Soho house design

Rubin Vintage large mushroom desk lamp

Pond House Provisions 80 ounce Cooling Pitcher from the 1960s by West Virginia Glass Co.

Leather furniture and upholstery

“1989 calls and he wants… Sade, the soft Italian leather sofas by Lisa Stansfield, the house of Calvin Klein, Armani Casa and Terence Conran are back! -Robert McKinley, founder of McKinley Studio

“Rich toned leather compensates for cooler metals and has the ability to tell a story over time as it wears down with use. We shouldn’t be afraid of age showing its face. -Erick Garcia

The Citizenry Palermo butterfly chair

Charlotte One Tufted Sofa Kings Lane

A room of Kathryn M. Ireland with a English Style– meets the approach of California.

A more modern Grandmillenial

“The trends for 2022 include adopting floral designs, a sort of updated 1940s chintz vibe, resplendent in Mario Buatta’s memory, but in more contemporary palettes. The ‘grand millennium’ look that was slowly infiltrating influencers and taste makers in 2021 has now become more prevalent, shifting tastes towards a ‘more is more’ look. But unlike our grandparents’ interiors, the feel is more polished with floral and damask pattern wallpapers that become the backdrop for contemporary shaped upholstery fabrics, to which we add a touch of glamor with additions. unexpected fringes and piping. -Martyn Lawrence Bullard