It’s time to find a payday loan for you – these are the best deals so far

We carry payday loans like sugar – at least last year, the volume of payday loans has reached pre-crisis levels, and it looks like growth will continue this year, so even more people will not borrow money. If you still need some financial help for Christmas presents or are already planning this year, a payday loan may be a good choice for you.

Compare the offers of the banks and don’t let the borrowing pay off! With our payday loan calculator you can find the loans that suit your needs.

Everyone needs it, but is it really good? Why a payday loan?

Everyone needs it, but is it really good? Why a Personal Loan?

If you absolutely need external financing, a payday loan may be appropriate for your smaller expenses. At the moment, you can get a few hundred thousand forints, or even 10 million, at very low interest rates of less than 10 percent.

The low interest rates currently available are particularly favorable when compared to the last few years, when you were able to borrow at rates well above 20 percent, so you have paid off the cost of the loan.

What’s more, you don’t have to worry about interest rate changes right now, as there are plenty of payday loans that can be borrowed at a fixed rate, so you can calculate your repayment throughout the term.

In addition to its cheapness

In addition to its cheapness

It is also an outstanding loan compared to other constructions because of its flexibility: you can spend a free payday loan on virtually anything without having to prove it to anyone. Instead of leasing, you can buy a car, for example, if you need it for your job, or you can replace your broken technical items if your laptop or fridge suddenly goes down. In fact, you can even swap your former expensive credit card for a better one if, for example, you slip on your credit card debt or overdraft.

In order to qualify for the loan, you will need an employer certificate, so you must have a permanent job with regular income. In addition, bank statements and utility bills can be requested by the bank, but of course the photo ID required for identification is also required. You can find a list of the documents needed for applying here.

Don’t hurt your head this year with a bad loan – we’ll show you the best deals


Why is it important not to be seduced by the first upcoming offer? Because you can save hundreds of thousands of dollars by making a good choice. With our payday loan calculator, we have explored your options for borrowing.

Would you rather look for the best payday loan on your own? Use our payday loan calculator and choose the one you like the most!

In our comparison, we selected the best of Good Finance’s full range. We looked at dozens of payday loans for whom it was best to borrow $ 1 million, but we also wondered what if you needed a larger loan, in this case $ 3 million. For the purposes of this calculation, we have calculated a maturity of four years, which is 48 months, which is the amount you would pay monthly in installments.

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