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Jonathan Adler to host interior design series for Wondrium

Wondrium has commissioned 12 episodes of an educational interior design series hosted by designer Jonathan Adler. The series, produced by Wondrium, will make its worldwide debut on the streaming service in 2022.

The untitled project, with a title to come, will feature Adler “illustrating the ground rules of design and then how to break them,” the service said. “Through his own work, muses and other global examples, the series will showcase new and modern approaches to interior design, with the aim of building confidence in all designers, at all skill levels. “

Adler, who began his career as a designer in pottery, rose to fame in the 1990s when Barneys purchased his collection of jars, leading to a store in Soho. Soon Adler embarked on more interior design and today Jonathan Adler is an interior design brand with stores around the world and a full range of residential and commercial projects.

“Jonathan Adler is one of the world’s most famous and multi-processed designers, an industry leader and educator with a knack for style,” said Wondrium President / CEO Paul Suijk. “We are extremely pleased to allow the members of Wondrium to access Adler’s talent and skills through this entertaining, informative and engaging series. “

Adler is the latest addition to Wondrium, the subscription video-on-demand service that offers a library of over 7,500 hours of educational and other non-fiction content.

“With age comes wisdom (and, in my case, tennis elbow),” Adler said. “I have been running my design business for over 25 years and am delighted to be able to share my experience with the Wondrium audience. After the course, viewers will have the background and tools they need to create exceptional spaces that are reflected at their most glamorous. Design is about communication: let’s talk about it.

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