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Mobile App Design Trends You Can’t Miss

Trends are constantly changing. However, the best ideas remain: with small modifications, they can be reused in the future. I call the best solutions those that work for both businesses and users.

2021 has seen the rapid rejection of unpopular and shoddy concepts. Let’s see what we have left, what is still popular and what trends will stay with us in the near future.

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  1. Simplicity and minimalism

A simple and clear design is still relevant for mobile screens, given their small size. Over the past few years, it has become even more apparent that users love clean, minimalist interfaces. This design makes content easier to read and improves application performance.

  1. Dark contrast design

Dark mode is one of the most effective user interface practices. He has a lot of fans, and they won’t disappear anywhere. Dark contrast designs reduce eye strain.

Light elements look particularly good against a dark background, and every detail is clearly visible. This design looks elegant and classy. It’s a classic that will never go out of style.

  1. Working 3D graphics

3D graphics are all the rage, especially in e-commerce. However, the role of 3D is changing: now it’s not so much about making a strong impression, but about making the elements interactive.

It is not only to demonstrate the product from all sides, but to help the user to configure the parameters to work with a 3D image. There is no doubt that 3D graphics will become more and more functional.

  1. Personalization

Custom design makes the user feel like the content was created especially for them. The popularity of this trend will only grow, and the design will take into account the individual characteristics of each user even more.

  1. Data visualization

Turning boring numbers and facts into easy-to-read charts and tables is always an important task. This trend works for all types of businesses and will definitely stay with us.

  1. Unique illustrations

Illustrations are always popular, especially if they are unique. They form the image of the brand and allow it to stand out from the competition. Illustrations make content accessible, beautiful and human, so users love them. This trend continues and even intensifies.

  1. Maximum interactions

Modern interfaces almost always focus on personal, almost intimate contact with the user. Therefore, the popularity of the following trends will only grow.

Interactive videos have spread to many areas. Most likely, in the near future they will be found in most applications.

Emotional design has always been and remains in demand. It makes any app more personal, encourages users to interact with the interface, evokes emotions and keeps them in the app.

Animation and gamification make it easier to interact with the interface and increase user engagement, so it’s no surprise that they’re becoming more and more common.

Narration. In recent years, visual storytelling has become the most effective way to engage users and communicate information to them. This trend will certainly continue.

emoji make the interaction experience more vivid. They have become indispensable in our communication and will not lose their popularity in the future.

UX writing . Its task is to facilitate interaction with the interface. Long texts and complex sentences are increasingly replaced by simple and understandable sentences accompanied by visual clues.

What will always be in fashion?

High-quality, user-oriented design, developed taking into account the results of market research and audience data. Design that helps an app achieve its primary purpose, actively engages users, and makes their experience enjoyable will never go out of style.