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Star-studded hospitality: CCD’s interior design for the W Changsha Hotel

Our readers will find that storytelling has become key to many of the projects we cover on design for the hospitality industry; offering something new and different is important today, especially in cities that already have a large number of hotels. The interior decoration of hotels therefore offers an excellent opportunity for designers to give free rein to their imagination!
This was the case in Shanghai, the capital of the Chinese province of Hunan, with a population of over ten million. When Marriott International’s luxury lifestyle brand W Hotels Worldwide opened a new property, W Changsha, a 345-room hotel that is the first W in central China, owner Hunan Yunda Industry Group has named CCD Design / Cheng Chung of Hong Kong to design the interior design of the new property. Founded by Joe Chen, who specializes in hotel design and has worked with many high-end international hotel brands. For W Changsha, Cheng started with Changsha’s heritage as a city of stars, “full of surprise and mystery like the universe”, as the creator says. “CCD combines the concept of futuristic travel with the local cultural context to create a fantastic “starry universe”, which ignites the passion to explore the unknown with curiosity and courage. »

This journey within a journey begins with the large “W”, a sculptural logo that welcomes guests arriving at the hotel. Its rough textures resemble those of the surface of the moon, while its splendid lines recall the trajectory of airplanes and satellites, all underlined by subdued lighting giving the sculpture a mystical air.
The designers continue to tell this story in the catwalk, presented as a deconstructed star with sharp edges and angles; the cool metallic textures of the catwalk create dramatic effects accompanying guests into the foyer containing the reception area. Here, architects play with images of the universe broken down into planets, meteorites, dust, protons, neutrons and atoms, with elaborate lighting combined with an industrial-style bare concrete wall, while rhombic lines are integrated vertically into the stone floor in a bit like the movement of beams of light. Copper profiles bent at large angles and in different directions extend our spatial perception of the counter into a space that induces “invited to step away from reality to immerse themselves in themultidimensional space travel and interact with the universe.

Star-shaped ceiling lights and blue spotlights create intriguing visual effects like those of Hollywood blockbuster movies, making guests feel like they’re in a spaceship like the Starship Enterprise.
the art installations which are scattered here and there throughout the project play a very important role in the design of CCD. Many of them feature symbols of the universe, such as stars, meteorites, and the orbits of the stars, followed by humanoid sculptures of the “pepper man.” The connection between the lobby and the bar resembles an airstrip, in dark hues that blend reality and imagination and make guests feel like they are stepping into a black hole to travel back in time. Every little detail, even in the rooms, reflects CCD’s intention to build a futuristic wonderland that combines nature, defined here as the universe, with architecture and people. The careful architectural storytelling allows the hotel to offer a truly “star-studded” vacation experience.

Christiane Burklein

Interior design: CCD / Cheng Chung Design (HK) (
Artistic consultant: ATG BEYOND
Logo consultant: ATG BEYOND
Location: Yunda Central Plaza, No.567 Shawan Road, Yuhua District, Changsha
Area: 33,000 square meters
Year: 2021
Images: Wang Ting
Photo copyright: CCD