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Surge Advertising Launches Deqorama for Interior Design Solutions in Singapore | News

SINGAPORE, 24 October 2021 / PRNewswire / – Surge Advertising Seeks To Disrupt Home Improvement Market By Singapore, because the company recently launched Deqorama. Ranked among the best interior design and home improvement platforms in the making Singapore, the online platform is designed to connect homeowners with the best and most trusted interior designers for their needs. The goal is to make sure that clients don’t waste resources in terms of money and time, to ensure a smooth and painless process to achieve the desired results.

The global interior design and home improvement market has undoubtedly grown over the years, with homeowners looking for solutions to make every space stunning without having to sacrifice functionality. The case is not particularly different in Singapore, with many emerging interior design brands to meet homeowners’ needs. Unfortunately, finding the best hands for the job can be a bit difficult, given the number of service providers available. However, the Surge Advertising team is looking to change that narrative with the launch of Deqorama.

Deqorama was started by administrators Powen Choo and Jiale Seah, and it has a user-friendly interface that allows owners to easily navigate through the pages to identify the service they want from some of the most trusted solution providers in their area. The platform not only serves homeowners looking to design or remodel their homes, but also creates a way for interior design professionals and other industry service providers to reach their audience. target.

The revolutionary platform is particularly unique as it bridges the gap between service providers, including interior designers as well as home improvement professionals and homeowners, allowing them to get online in minutes through their website.

“Deqorama has more than 500 partners on its platforms, such as interior designers, renovation contractors and home improvement dealers. We’re here to make the process easy, simple and stress-free for all new owners, ”said Powen Choo, Director and Head of Business Acquisition.

Powen Choo and Jiale Seah have an unwavering passion to serve the interior design industry and connect prospective homeowners with their ideal designers to build their dream homes. They have a deep love for what they do and often go above and beyond in all aspects of their work.

For their future goals, Deqorama plans to engage a wider segment of owners through viral content and building a brand image based on trust.

For more information on the platform and other innovative solutions from the Deqorama team, visit their site here.

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