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The interior design community turns nine

The interior design community is nine years old today. Founded in 2012 by Laurie Laizure, an entrepreneur interested in tech and social media, engaging in conversations with interior designers was a natural consequence of her custom wallcovering business. She launched the Interior Design community on Google, before moving it to Instagram and Facebook. Orchestrating social media from his headquarters in New Hampshire today, Laizure still acts on behalf of the community, with the support of a select group of moderators, and has grown the group’s Instagram account to over 97,000. subscribers.

Laurie Laizure

We asked Laizure to rate the year, discuss future plans, and share what motivates her to continue the group.

Q: What do you think are the biggest concerns / concerns for 2021?

A: Of course there is the supply chain, but I think it goes a little deeper. Designers are often in the terrible situation of being the middleman between manufacturer and customer – it’s so personal and usually the designer’s income is more deeply affected by delays.

Q: Looking ahead, what are you excited about at IDC?

I’d like to take a closer look at crowdsourcing useful content for designers. Last year, we set up a group dossier with designer contracts. You had to submit one to see the others, which allowed designers to find clauses that could save them money. I think these initiatives are incredibly important and I would love to do more. Continuing education is so important for designers because so much can change in a year.

I am also very interested in technological advances and their impact on the design industry. It goes beyond smart home features, I think those features will become easier to use and integrate into our lives. The way designers market themselves may change as TikTok becomes the fastest growing social network and SEO for short videos becomes more and more important.

The online world is changing as Web 3.0 is developed with the metaverse, NFTs, and cryptocurrencies that could change the way we receive and send money. It’s a really interesting and exciting time and I want designers to stay on top of how technology can play a role in their design careers.

Q: Why do you keep doing this, Laurie?

A: The interior design community has always been a passionate project for me. We’re 9 years old on December 6, 2021 and over the years I’ve heard that IDC helps designers feel less lonely. Design can be an isolating endeavor and faces challenges beyond the control of a designer. Sometimes it can seem overwhelming and one begins to doubt his talent and abilities. I want to do everything I can to prevent this from happening to as many designers as possible. They are not alone. They have their community and we are there for them.