To pay a fine in several times ; credit for contravention?


A ticket may come at a time when you can not pay it. In case of difficulties, one can go through a revolving credit or ask the Treasury a payment in several times.

Today, I had a ticket. 90 euros for a reduced standard fine to be paid within three days. If I do not pay, it will increase to 135 euros, and if I pay after 45 days, it is a lump sum plus 375 euros! How to pay the fine right now, if I do not have the money?

Is it possible to pay the fine several times?

Is it possible to pay the fine several times?

To make a credit to pay for your pv? We will see that it is possible, under certain conditions, not to pay the ticket at one time, and that it is possible to have adjustments if necessary.

This complete article will allow you to pay your ticket without jeopardizing your budget.

For the record, the idea of ​​this article came to me one day when I took a pv. I was on my bike, and I burned a red light, not good!

To be able to pay fine

The police arrested me and very correctly verbalized me. Nothing to say, nothing to dispute, I just have to pay. But now, imagine that I do not have 90 euros right now, to be able to pay my fine, how to do? Especially as time is running out, in 3 business days, the fine goes up to 135 euros.

It’s a 50% increase! Even the most scandalous consumer credit does not reach that kind of interest in such a short time. I know, we are talking about a reduced lump sum fine that turns into a simple lump sum fine: that is to say we have a bonus if we pay right away, we pay 45 euros less. Nevertheless, we have every interest in paying quickly.

Ideally, to go fast, you already have a credit line, ready to use. Otherwise, it will be complicated, but there are several financial companies who open credit reserves very quickly, in 48h generally: pile in time, even if we can not guarantee 100% this time (you never know, there can be worries). We saw with department store payment cards that credit cards associated with cash reserves could be issued virtually instantly!

The revolving credit practice is that it costs nothing until you use it. So there is no risk of making one, if you do not use it: it is there only in case of force majeure, for example the payment of the contravention.

This is probably a risky advice to make, but if you can get a revolving credit, do it, you never know. As long as you do not use it for everyday purchases.

Here, the advice is to use it to save money : to be able to pay a fine before it is increased. But imagine that you have not had time to make the revolving credit, or, more simply, you can not have it, given your RSA, unemployment or anything that does not reassure a banker.

Can not get revolving credit

Can not get revolving credit

There may be more access to revolving credit, because the time is too short or because we just do not have the right (no credit, FICP). It is always possible to get by using a minicredit. These are small money loans, usually repayable in less than a month. The fees to get money in 24 hours are outrageous, but allow you to pay the ticket immediately and so avoid the surcharge.

At Viloan or Merratu, two minicredit companies, it is necessary, for a loan of 90 euros, to repay approximately 113 euros in 15 days. The calculation is simple to do: better to pay 113 euros than 135 euros! Here is a simple way to earn twenty euros by using credit, if we really could not pay this damn PV in less than three days.

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