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Clairbourn Alumnae Caroline Kwan and Nina Luo “Dishcover” a great idea – Pasadena Schools

Nina Luo (left) and Caroline Kwan (right), creators of the Dishcovery app. The two young women are alumni of Clairbourn School. Whenever an interactive tool or device is created, there is a lot to learn and accomplish. Having an ability to think conceptually and analytically is essential to generate the initial idea, plan, and stages […]

Web design

Keys to Sustainable Web Design for Every Business

Sustainable web design prioritizes the health of our planet with a focus on reducing carbon … [+] emissions and energy consumption Getty Online banking, electronic statements, applications replacing paper documents: the world is changing online. A major push towards digital has come from those who worry about the depletion of finite resources: if we use […]

Web design

5 web design trends that will dominate the internet in 2021

Last year was a tumultuous year, from the coronavirus pandemic to a new wave of social justice movements and a contested presidential election. Many of us don’t think about how broader societal events and technological developments affect design, but especially when creating for the fast-paced web, designers need to be learned of wider trends. As […]